No Wires.

No Bundles.

No Bull.

A Different Kind of Internet Provider

In order to provide the fastest, most reliable Internet access available, we’ve built a high performance network from the ground up. From installation to technical support, everything is completely owned, operated and managed by NC-Wireless – no outsourcing.

Why NC-Wireless?

No Contract

25Mbps to 1Gbps dedicated connections

Router Included

Fast install

Locally owned & operated

Keeping People Connected

* Work   * Education / Distance learning * Social media
* Entertainment * Research

Your internet connection is more critical than ever. Choosing the right service provider is the key to a stress-free, enjoyable connection.

Without the need to “re-wire” our infrastructure to bring out new technologies and services, NC-Wireless has the flexibility and experience to meet the changing demands of todays network.

$79 Standard Installation

Have you just been told you’re number 400 on the install wait-list?
Get up and running fast with NC-Wireless!
In some cases in hours, not weeks if you’re located in a covered area!

18 Month Price Guarantee

Worried about intoductory prices?
Not with NC-Wireless.
Your price is guaranteed not to increase for 18 months from your start date. In fact, our service plans have not increased in cost for better than 5 years!
What other service you have can make that claim?

Not Data Limits

NC-Wireless has never had data limits.
We just don’t like ’em.
We don’t think you do either.

Get The Speeds You Want at the Price You Want